Siamese cats

Siamese or Oriental cats have the most stereotypes and myths. Some people are convinced that these cats are angry, revengeful. Some people confuse these cats with Thai, which are oftenly wrongfully named as Siamese cats, although this is not their exact name. There are more than 15 varieties of cats with dark mask. In general, a cat from a good cattery will never be angry because they are socialized. When we breed cats, we is pay attention to their genetics and character inheritance, so aggressive, malicious cats are not being bred. Many people imagine that Siamese cats' tails are broken, they are angry but these are the consequences of improper breeding. Siamese cats's character us the same as Oriental cats'. They are very close friends, walk around like puppys, are quite loud. These cats are one of the more active breeds - they like to catch birds, flies, play with toys, suitable for families with children. Siamese cats are one of the most intelligent breeds, so it is easy to educate them, like a dogs.