Oriental cats

Oriental is a very old breed. Actually, first Orientals were bred from Siamese cats, when Siamese cats were mating with Bengals, Russian blues, Abyssinians and other cats. That is why the colors and the varietys of patterns of Oriental cats vary very much now. Oriental and Siamese cats are the same breed. Both Oriental and Siamese kittens can be born from the same litter. These are very elegant, tall, slim and graceful cats with muscular and strong bodies. The most noticable feature of these cats is their length - long tail, long legs, long cylindrical body, head and stunningly large ears. The eyes are almond-shaped and their desired eye color is green. The coat is sleek, glistening and depending on its length, orientals are divided into short-haired and long-haired groups. All Oriental cats are very loud, communicative, smart, active, and easy to train. It's like puppies because they like to play and can be treated. These cats require attention, don't like loneliness, perfectly agree with other cats and even dogs.