Peterbald cats

Peterbald cats are the same oriental/siamese shorthair cats but often they are the baldest. These cats have 5 different types of fur - gum, peach, velor, brash, and straight hair. This is a young breed, first made in 1994 by introducing a dominant bald mutation to the genotype of oriental cats. From other sphynxs, the Peterbald differ by its gracefulness and elegance, longer and thinner bodies. The ears are large, the long head has a strong chin. Peterbalds are peaceful, intelligent, agile, energetic and very communicate. It is a kitten, a puppy, a monkey, and a baby in one small body. These cats are loyal to the hosts as much as dogs. They do not fit in the description: "A cat walking for herself". So if you want to have an exceptional pet and you can privide it enough attention, you can choose this new but a fast-growing breed.